The ERMY filter system brand was established in 2015 as a joint venture with a well-known European filter company. Through the integration of European advanced technical standards, a complete quality control system and strict management methods, it now has a strong product development and design capability, and a comprehensive Quality assurance system, strong production technology strength, etc.

    Irma's full line of products are based on the main engine supporting equipment, and is committed to creating a green supply chain of high-end fragile and consumable parts covering fuel filtration systems, fuel injection system components, engine maintenance products, etc.


    Since its establishment, the FAXIOU brand has been deeply involved in the filter product market for more than 19 years. It has been involved in every stage of the development of China's filter industry and has accumulated valuable market experience, strong technical strength and manufacturing capabilities. Deeply know the market development needs and direction of the filter.

    The full range of Fazio products is positioned at the post-market level, with the goal of creating a complete product structure with high cost performance, focusing on the design and application of engine intake systems, lubrication systems, and fuel systems.


    The YINGTEMAI brand was co-founded in 2019 with top experts in the domestic oil pump nozzle industry. With its own years of filter production and manufacturing experience, combined with the technical requirements and product characteristics of the oil pump nozzle, it perfectly creates a professional filter product.

    YINGTEMAI focuses on the research and implementation of high-end fuel system filtration solutions. It takes solving the problem of fuel system filtration as its own responsibility, and strives to provide high-efficiency, high-quality and effective solutions for the majority of school pumpers, ingenuity and core making, to achieve the future.

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